Combi Cup / Sleeved Cup

The so-called Combi Cup consists basically of a thermoformed plastic lightweight cup made of PS or PP or PET combined with a paper sleeve. The manufacturing process enables cups of different shapes and sizes. The cup is completely wrapped in paper up to the sealing edge and high-quality printed using the offset process. The result is an aesthetic packaging with approximately 50% less plastic. They are ideal as food packaging since there are hardly any limits to the design. Printing areas on the inside of the tub and at the bottom of the tub offer space for a variety of designs and important information. Optional cut outs in individual punching forms finally giving a view to the cup’s content complete our offer.

The sleeved cup is a plastic cup that is coated with a previously printed film during a special thermal process. This attracts attention and signals high-quality goods. Sleeves (cuffs) that only partially cover the cup surface are possible.

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